It certainly has been a long time indeed since I have updated my Website!! 

Since 2016...............

This is partley due to getting a smart phone and jumping onto Instagram, also I procrastinated on it, for 6 years! Instagram is such a simple platform for updating images and creating a viewing platform. Anyway I have managed to keep photographic records of most of the work I have made in those six years. I cant guarantee that I took photos of all of it. I reckon I didnt record 20 percent of the work that I made, potentially burnt a few peices a long the way too. I have updated the painting section with works made from 2016 until 2021.

I am still in the process and experimental painting and as you can see my style is still many styles. I am still very much enjoying trying new techniques and searching different subject matter. A lot of the work is still freestyle, painted straigt from the head. 

I now have a studio space on Cross street again up behind Sunset Tattoo with a group of artists. I am working on a series of paintings called Floral Dark. The above painting is apart of the 11 paintings I will have for the show. I hope to have an opening and a two week showing at the beginning of next year. 

I will be sure to update this news section again with information on the show and to continue to upload my new works as I make them

All the best,

Nicholas J Boyd